Thursday, December 1, 2011

Empower NEtwork Inner Circle

Empower Network Inner Circle is the second level in the Empower Network system. The cost to join the Inner Circle is 100 dollars and you receive additional training that helps you expand your business quickly. The training which you receive is top notch from two of the top internet marketers in the world - David Wood and David Sharpe. The best part about the training is this is designed to help you succeed not onlywith empower network but with any business opportunity. The empower network inner circle is available online or on MP3 and contains over 7 hours of training.

Is the Empower NEtwork Inner Circle worth the cost?
The answer to this question depends on your desire and willings to succeed. If you are serious about making money in the internet then the training is a must have. If you are just getting your feet wet and not ready to start working the empower network system by blogging, advertising, working with social networking, working on SEO, PPC, CPA and other methods then this is not really for you.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Empower Network Scam

Empower Network scam alert. This blog post will pull back the covers to a new company that recently hit the internet ; the Empower Network. After a closer look we can reveal if this is just another internet marketing program that is trying to scam your money or a real business opportunity. First of all we need to describe what the empower network products are and how they work. The empire network program is labeled a viral blogging platform. Well in fact it also contains a affiliates system and training system. So a viral blogging platform seems a bit of a stretch. With empire network program you have a training program, a blogging platform and affiliate sales system all wrapped up into one package. The blogging platform ties nicely into facebook to provide easy access to social media sites. So from a empire network scam view, this does not appear to be the case. If you join you receive 3 decent tools to start your business.
Empire Network is promoting 100% commissions. So how do you make money with empire network? Empire Network offers affiliate commissions at an incredible 100 percent payout and they also provide some leveraged downline incentives; which means your commissions can actually exceed 100%. From a Empire Network Scam view this is not really a scam but they fail to mention you need to do work to get the commissions. 
Now who created the Empire Network program. The program was created by David Wood and David Sharpe. David Wood and David Sharpe are respected professionals in online sales and know what they are doing. They have used professionals for the Empire Network opt-in videos and squeeze pages to attract and convert prospects to customers. If you have spent any time in internet marketing you know that creating an effective sales funnel system is not easy and something that you dont attempt unless you have the proper tools. With Empire Network you get the sales funnel which is a huge plus. David Wood and David Sharep claim their mission is to actually help people who are just getting into internet marketing arena or for people who have tried IM but have not made money. This seems a bit suspicious, david wood and david sharpe are making money by building their reputations and expanding the empire network brand. SCAM ALERT: So dont be fooled by this.
The Empower Network payment plan: they claim 100% Commission payouts to its members
Getting paid 100% commission is unheard of in any industry. The only people who typically get 100% payout are people who own their own products, but with various expenses even they don't really make 100%. So the Empower Network is truly unique in that regard. There are currently three products in the portfolio from the $25 a month Fast Start membership, the $100 a month Inner Circle membership and the $500 one-time Costa Rica Intensive training program. In order to qualify for the 100% affiliate payout though you must have purchased the product. You can promote all three of the products, but you'll only get paid on products that you are actually using. Commissions on any sales that you make for a product that you do not own will roll up to the person in your upline who has purchased the product. This is an awesome incentive to buy everything otherwise you will miss out on potential,future sales.
Empower Network Viral Blogging Platform What is it?
The Empower Network viral blogging platform is the backbone for you to earn your commissions. This is a wordpress blog underneat the empower network product. This provides instatn credability to your blog which provides better SEO, PR, and gets you found quicker on the internet. .What that means to the newbie is that if you submit content to this site the chances of getting noticed by the search engines are realistic and significant. With internet marketing your goal is to get your content to the first page of google for a relative search term. This is not an easy task but with Empower Network this becomes easier.
Empower Network Scam Rating is a zero on this. This is a real blogging platform that connects with social networking sites.
Empower Network Alexa Ranking: So lets look to alexa to see how the Empower Network site ranks. Well I was quite suprised when I saw the results.: Alexa rank has climbed from 65,000 to 42,000 to 31,000 and now within 7 days after launch the Alexa rank hovers around 18,000. That's pretty incredible when you come to think about it. As the empower network expands the ALEXA ranking will continue to improve.

Empower Network Scam Summary: So is the Empower Network a good opportunity? Well it will not magically produce money if that is what you are after. However, if you want to do some work and build a business this is a great place to begin. The platform is solid, the training is good and best of all you get to keep the money from your efforts.
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